Introducing TaxHelper+

Aske Buemann

CEO & Co-founder


Introducing TaxHelper+

Every year in Denmark, more than 700,000 citizens face an unexpected financial burden of more than DKK 4.8 billion in unexpected tax bills. This challenge threatens not only the individual citizen's finances, but also the foundation of the Danish welfare society.

Over the past 4 years, the tax gap has grown by an alarming 33%, putting increasing pressure on Danes and their financial balance sheets. This creates significant difficulties, especially in a time of uncertainty. At the same time, it also creates a challenge for Danish society as a whole, as these funds are crucial for financing the welfare system we value so highly. Reports of the Danish Tax Agency's challenges in collecting debts only make the situation more problematic.

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TaxHelper+ is like having a personal tax advisor in your pocket.

It's not just a tax problem, but a challenge for society as a whole. TaxHelper has therefore launched a new product called TaxHelper+. In our view, it can represent a significant step towards combating the financial uncertainty that many citizens experience in relation to unexpected tax bills.

We have conducted a study that shows that on average, citizens miscalculate their income by 10% and their interest by up to 50%. These are 2 very significant elements that lead to unexpected tax breaks. TaxHelper+ acts as a personal tax advisor, updating tax information every single month to prevent unpleasant surprises as tax time approaches.

CEO, Aske Buemann says: "TaxHelper+ is like having a personal tax advisor in your pocket - an advisor who constantly monitors your taxes and ensures that you avoid tax leakage as much as possible and get the money you are entitled to without you having to lift a finger."

By using TaxHelper+, citizens can prevent misrepresentation of income and interest on their tax return. This preventive approach not only helps individuals avoid financial challenges, but also ensures that Danish society has the necessary funds to maintain its essential services.

A story from Davide Vecchi, a satisfied TaxHelper+ user, illustrates the effectiveness of the platform. Davide avoided a £10,000 tax bill that would have been an unpleasant surprise in March. He says: "I thought I had my taxes under control, but TaxHelper+ found out that I was facing a tax bill of €10,000. It would have been a nasty shock to get that bill in March."

TaxHelper+ is priced from just £39 per month and there's a 1-month free trial. For those who want to avoid unexpected tax bills next year, now is the time to act.

Visit taxhelper.dk/taxhelper-plus for more information and the opportunity to take control of your taxes!

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