What does TaxHelper cost?

TaxHelper offers 2 products at affordable prices

Forgotten Deductions

See if you've missed out on tax deductions and get a tax refund for previous years.

Only pay if you get a tax saving

The price is max.


of your savings

We check if you have missed out on deductions (annual return)

You get a tax refund for previous tax years

You only pay if we can find more money for you


Avoid an unexpected tax bill next year. Every month we update your taxes for this year.

You can try for free for 1 month

The price is from

39 kr

per month depending on annual/monthly payment option

We update your taxes for you (withholding tax return)

Your risk of a tax bill next year is getting smaller

Get a discount on our 'Forgotten Deductions' service

Forgotten Deductions

The price is max.
30% of your tax saving

In TaxHelper we only charge for our service if we can find a tax saving for you. In other words, if you don't get a saving, our service is completely free.

It's our way of making sure you don't pay for something you get nothing from - also known as 'no cure, no pay'.

For example, if you get a 1.000 kr. refund or tax saving, you can pay a maximum of 300 kr. for our service.
Forgotten Deductions

The price takes into account the tax deductions you already have

Of course, if you have reported some of the deductions on your own, you don't have to pay for those.

Our price is calculated based only on the added value we can create. For example, if you've previously been paid 2.000 kr. and we can find 1.000 kr. more, you'll only pay for the extra 1.000 kr. we've created.

We find that 83% of our customers are entitled to more than they've already found - and if you've got it all worked out, our service is completely free.

Forgotten Deductions

You do not pay until the tax savings are accepted by SKAT

We don't charge our price immediately. The first thing that happens is that we send you the result of our work, i.e. how much money you have saved.
In this email, you will typically be given a payout date set by SKAT. In those cases, it will be the same date that we charge our price.

There may be other cases where there is no payout date, for example if you have an outstanding debt to SKAT and our work has thus lowered the debt. If this happens, we will mention it in the email we send you. At the same time, we give you the option of splitting the payment over a few times.
Forgotten Deductions

SKAT pays out the money directly to you

If you get a tax refund, SKAT will pay the money directly to your NemKonto. For this reason, we cannot receive the money first and deduct our price directly from there.

Instead, you are asked to set up a payment method at the very end, which we use to deduct the price if you receive a tax saving.

In some cases, SKAT does not pay out the tax saving, for example if you have a debt to SKAT. In this case, SKAT can offset the savings against the debt directly. However, it's still money you don't have to pay to SKAT, so you still get a real value from our service. You can read more here.


What is Forgotten Deductions?

Forgotten Deductions is a product that helps you get the tax refund you're entitled to. Just answer a few simple questions and we'll take care of all the communication and reporting to SKAT - so you get your money back.

What does Forgotten Deductions cost?

Forgotten Deductions costs a maximum of 30% of the tax savings you receive. This means that if you get 1.000 kr. back in tax, you can pay a maximum of 300 kr. for our help. If you don't get a tax saving, TaxHelper is completely free for you.

Can I be sure that the result and calculations are correct?

Yes. TaxHelper is built together with chartered accountants from one of Denmark's largest accounting firms. Therefore all calculations, questions and deductions are correct as long as you answer the questions truthfully.

What is TaxHelper+?

TaxHelper+ is a service that updates your taxes for you every month, so you're much less likely to have an unexpected tax bill next year. Simply give us permission to help with your taxes and we'll take care of the rest, so you can sit back and relax.

How does TaxHelper+ work?

TaxHelper+ works like a personal tax advisor that goes in every month to look at your taxes (tax return) and see if it's up to date. Right now we only look at your income and interest, but we're constantly adding new features to the service.

How much does TaxHelper+ cost?

TaxHelper+ is a membership that costs from 39 kr. per month, depending on whether you choose annual or monthly payment.

There is a free 1-month trial period, so you can try out the membership and see if it's right for you at no cost to you.

Is there a lock-in period for TaxHelper+?

No, there is no commitment. You can cancel your TaxHelper+ membership at any time until the end of the current subscription period.