Do you need your main card or bi-card?

Aske Buemann

CEO & Co-founder

Main card or bi-card

If you have two different incomes, your income will need to go through two different cards. Either your main card or dual card.
This is the case, for example, if you are a student and have a student job, or you have two different part-time jobs.

Main map

Your primary source of income must be linked to your main card.
Anyone who earns more than the amount from their free card must pay tax on their primary salary through their main card. Your primary salary is the salary you're typically paid by an employer, as this is likely where you earn the most. It is only on your main card that you can get deductions, and your main card shows the deduction percentage and deduction you don't have to pay tax on.

If you receive your salary from 2 or more sources, you must remember to inform your employer which of your earnings should go on your main card.
It may affect your taxes if you do not inform your employer whether you should use your main card or a secondary card

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If you get paid from multiple sources, you'll need to use your bi-card to pay tax on your secondary income.

For example, if you are paid by an employer and receive SU at the same time, you must use your bi-card to pay tax on one of your incomes. Otherwise, you could risk paying too little tax and thus incur a tax penalty. If you also receive salary from 2 or more employers, you only need to use your main card for one of your incomes. It's a good idea to have the employer with the highest payment to you deduct your salary from your main card and other employers to use your bi-card.

There are no deductions on your bi-card, so you pay full tax at the deduction rate stated on your bi-card. The deduction rate depends on the size of your income. As mentioned earlier, it is important that you know which of your salary should be deducted from the main card and which should be deducted from your bi-card. Most people deduct the higher salary from the main card, as this maximizes their personal and employment deductions. If your 2 salaries are roughly equal, you should be aware of other deductions that should be deducted from the main card. You have to tell your employer whether your salary should be deducted from your main card or your bi-card, so it's important to be aware of your deductions.

Free card

A free pass is an annual amount you can earn that you don't have to pay tax on.

The tax credit is calculated based on information about your personal circumstances, income and any deductions you may be entitled to. It is important to note that if your income exceeds the amount indicated on the tax-free card, you will have to start paying tax on the excess income.

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